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CCLS Seminar Bert van Duijn - IBL

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Bert van Duijn - Institute for Biology Leiden

Experimental modelling in the Plant Biodynamics Laboratory: Polar and intracellular transport of the plant growth hormone auxin.

The Plant Biodynamics Laboratory (PBDL) favours multidisciplinary research. Depending on the problems under investigation, PBDL establishes collaborations between experts from for example molecular genetics, molecular and electro cell physiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, analytical mathematics, mathematical statistics and computational sciences.

The plant hormone auxin (IAA) belongs to a complex system of chemical messengers which have a pivotal role in the coordination of growth and development between different parts of the plants, such as for example the shoot and root system.

We investigate the dynamics of long-distance polar auxin transport (PAT) by mathematical and computational analysis of experimental transport data. In particular, we investigate the functional role of the so-called PIN proteins which are assumed to be the polar distributed intracellular auxin-anion export carriers as postulated in the chemiosmotic theory of PAT. Our results already suggest that in spite of all the indirect evidence PINs are not solely or not at all responsible for PAT.

In addition we investigate the green algae Chara as model system for intra and inter cellular transport processes. Although it is known that Chara produces the natural auxin IAA, its transport and mechanism of action in Chara were unknown. However, over the past few years we were successful to be the first in demonstrating the presence of directional transport of IAA comparable to polar auxin transport (PAT) in terrestrial plants. Our program is now aimed at understanding the intracellular mechanism of this transport.
Bert van Duijn, Kees Boot, Sander Hille, Remko Offringa, Kees Libbenga.

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