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Unwanted Histories: The legacies of contested monuments and objects: new homes, new interpretations, new meanings

Monday 14 June 2021
Online (MS Teams) Please follow the link at the bottom of this page


08:50-09:00 – Opening Words by conference organisers

Panel 1 (9.00-10.30) – Remembering Eastern Europe

Chair: Dr Maxine David, Leiden University

Claire Baxter, University of Glasgow
Contextualising Exiled Heritage: Are Statue Parks A Solution for Contested Heritage?     

Dr Mgr. Kateřina Štroblová, University of Ostrava
Desacralization as a Medium for New Interpretation. Public Monuments and Their Recontextualization in Contemporary Art in Central Europe

Dr Radostina Sharenkova-Toshkova, Leiden University
Missing Narratives: Hiding Museum Collections and Protecting Monuments of the Communist Past     

Panel 2 (10.45-12.30) – (Post-)Colonial Heritages

Chair: Dr Sarah Arens, University of St Andrews

Dr Daniel Milne, Kyoto University
Memorializing Buried Ears: The “colonization” and “decolonization” of Mimizuka in Kyoto

Dr Marie-Sophie de Clippele, Université Saint-Louis–Bruxelles
Legal perspectives on dealing with Belgium’s colonial heritage     

Dr Laura Pozzi, University of Warsaw
The Problematic Past of a Famous Historian: The case of Indro Montanelli’s Statue

Dr Lisandra Franco de Mendonça, Lab2PT, University of Minho/ Technical University Berlin
Contested Heritages: Framing Memories, Architecture and Urban Space in Maputo, 1974-1976


Panel 3 (13.30-15.00) – Memory and Digital Humanities

Chair: Dr Alexandra Ortolja-Baird, King’s College London

Dr Markus Wurzer, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, and Daphné Budasz,
European University Institute

Postcolonialitaly: A Digital Public History Project Unveiling Italian Colonial Heritage

Adam Brown, London South Bank University
Framing the additive city: hidden histories of production in 3D printed public space

Dr Kristen Treen, University of St Andrews, and Dr Jill Caddell, University of Kent
Commemorative Cultures: A Narrative Approach to American Civil War Monuments and Digital Heritage

Panel 4 (15.15-17.00) – Monument(alisms) & Museums

Chair: Dr Diana Natermann, Leiden University

Dr Stacy Boldrick, University of Leicester 

‘Say Her Name’: Iconoclasm, Monuments and Museums

Laura Briscoe, Cryptogamic Herbarium New York Botanical Garden

Shining Light on Labels in the Dark: Guidelines for Offensive Collections Materials          

Zoe Beloff, Queens College CUNY
Creative Demolition at the American Museum of Natural History – A thought experiment         

Dr Frederick W. Gooding, Texas Christian University
Examples of the reinterpretation of monuments/colonial objects in museum and civic spaces


Special thanks to the History Department of Leiden University for its support.

Twitter:    #unwantedhistories

MS Teams (please follow this link for all panels)

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