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Networks and Ties of Exchange: Trade and Merchants across the pre-modern Middle East (600-1600 CE)

Thursday 3 June 2021 - Friday 4 June 2021
information will follow later
information will follow later

Networks and Ties of Exchange

This two-day workshop presents recent research about trade in the pre-modern period by looking at a variety of practices and institutions. Taking the Islamic Middle East as our observation point to examine global trade in the first millennium and the middle ages, we wish to highlight social, cultural and economic ties created and sustained through material exchanges. The main goal of our workshop is to put an international group of scholars in conversation by presenting ongoing research and new studies focusing on trade networks and patterns of exchange. We will discuss some of the most salient features of trans-regional trade in and across the Islamic Middle East, and look for trade’s impact on political events or processes. This will also allow us to investigate trade’s role in establishing, maintaining, or unmaking pre-modern empires.



  • Catia Antunes (University of Leiden)
  • Hanna Barker (Arizona University)
  • Fanny Bessard (University of Oxford)
  • Koray Durak (Boğaziçi University)
  • Peter Fibiger Bang (Copenhagen University)
  • Jessica Goldberg (UCLA)
  • Reza Huseini (University of Leiden)
  • Parvaneh Pourshariati (CUNY) 
  • Stefanie Schmidt (Freie University)
  • Awet Teklehimanot Araya (University of Exeter)
  • Elodie Vigouroux (CNRS Beirut)
  • Chris Wickham (Oxford University)
  • Yasuhiro Yokkaichi (Rikkyo University of Tokyo)
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