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Fusion Research Through the Eyes of Social Scientists and Humanities Scholars

Friday 18 June 2021

The symposium will explore perspectives from the social sciences and humanities on nuclear fusion research— ranging from the history of fusion technology to the organisation of big science projects, and from the techno-economical side of fusion energy to the role of science diplomacy in fusion research.

We welcome fusion researchers, social scientists and humanities scholars to join a conversation about what we can learn from each other’s fields and experiences, and reflect on key discussions within and about fusion research.

The symposium is centred around seven sessions exploring different perspectives on fusion research. We are glad to announce the contributions of:

• Prof. Dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo, TU/E | The techno-economic aspects of fusion
• Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiemann, BU Wuppertal | Philosophical, historical and sociological perspectives on the activities of the LHC
• Prof. Dr. Ir. Behnam Taebi, TU Delft | Nuclear ethics: its past, present and futures!
• Dr. Mark Robinson, University of London | Science diplomacy perspective on nuclear fusion collaboration
• Dr. Robert Bud, Science Museum London | Public technology and a historical perspective on nuclear fusion, with response from Michiel Bron MSc, Maastricht University.
• Dr. Ad Maas, National Museum Boerhaave | Archiving and preservation of fusion research
• Anouck Vrouwe MSc, DIFFER | Sharing memories: Glimpse into daily life at FOM Institute for Plasma Physics
• Richelle Boone MSc, Leiden University | Organizing interdisciplinary fusion research, with response from Prof. Dr. Marco de Baar, DIFFER and TU/E.

The symposium is free to attend, but please register here to receive the Zoom link. The registration page includes more information and a detailed programme.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Richelle (r.n.boone@sbb.leidenuniv.nl) or Michiel (m.bron@maastrichtuniversity.nl).

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