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CANCELLED Tatiana Afanassjewa-Lecture: Alessandra Silvestri about the Evolution of the Universe

Friday 25 June 2021
Alessandra Silvestri

CANCELLED sadly, Alessandra Silvestri's lecture has been canceled

We will announce new Tatiana Afanassjewa lectures in the coming academic year.

A Glance at Cosmology

The development of General Relativity by Albert Einstein provided not only a new way to understand gravity, but heralded the dawn of an entirely new branch of science - Cosmology, the study of the cosmos as a whole.

A century has passed, and we have now a profound understanding of our universe, which we can describe in terms of the standard Cosmological Model, LCDM. We learned that universe started with a big bang 13,7 billion years ago, and is expanding ever since. Manypredictions of the LCDM model, have been confirmed spectacularly, such as the big bang afterglow.

But some ingredients still baffle us: dark matter, a kind of invisible matter that seems to exist in other galaxies, and more recently dark energy, a mysterious energy that makes the universe expand faster.

In this talk I will review the status of modern Cosmology and the challenges that lie in front of us. I will also provide an overview of the new measurements that we will be able to do with new telescopes/detectors, including those related to the direct detection of gravitational waves.

Online lecture plus 'borrel'

This lecture is part of the series of Tatiana Afanassjewa-public lectures organized by LION. Normally, they are in Dutch, but Silvestri will lecture in English. The lectures are delivered over Zoom and are open for anyone with an interest in physics.

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