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Debate | MENA Cultures and Global Aesthetics

Food Politics in the MENA Region: Resistance, Heritage, and Ecology

Thursday 27 May 2021
This is an online event. Please register to receive the link to the event.

This event will explore the politics of farming and food in the Middle East and North Africa region. It will show that the production of food is not only an act of cultural heritage but also an affirmation of the connection to land, nature and community. Focussing on Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine it will examine the manner that food culture is a form of resistance against military occupation and socio-economic marginalisation. Agrarian lifestyles are under attack in these countries but small farmers show tenacity in their ability to continue cultivation and the production of food. The event will feature four speakers who are working at the heart of issues relating to farming, food and environment. 

Vivien Sansour, Founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library
Fadi Kattan, Chef and owner of Fawda Restaurant in Bethlehem
Habib Ayeb,  Founding member of OSAE (Observatory for Food Sovereignty and the Environment)

Aziz Kaouass, Chairman of Riforest

We recommend that participants watch Habib Ayeb's documentary "Couscous: Seeds of Dignity" (2017, 57 minutes) in advance of the panel discussion. The film is available on Youtube.

*** For Dutch readers***

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