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Chemical Biology Lecture: Chemical Probes for Biology and Medicine

Thursday 20 May 2021

Dr. Richard Wombacher from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research will kick off the new Leiden Chemical Biology Lecture series on Thursday, May 20th at 3 PM.

Dr. Wombacher has been one of the key innovators in fluorophore design for live cell super-resolution microscopy. In this he has shown amazing creativity and molecular design, always with the biological aim in mind.
The format of the lecture will be slightly different than usual. The talk will begin at 3 PM in the Kaltura room, to which the link is provided above. Afterwards, Dr. Wombacher will be available for a virtual chat, so if you would like to speak to him, please stick around after the talk.


The ability to visualize or rapidly perturb specific cellular events is of major importance to investigate the role of individual biomolecules in the temporal and spatial context of a living cell or organism. Our research is focused on the use of small molecules as probes to either manipulate the cellular localization and function of proteins or to specifically label and visualize biomolecules in complex biological environments.

In this talk I will present our recent work on small chemical fluorophore probes with tailor-made properties for modern microscopy technologies and the development and application of chemical inducer of proximity (CIP) to specifically manipulate protein networks in living cells and organisms. The application of the various probes will be finally demonstrated by our recent studies on cellular dynamics and cell motility.

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