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ARC Session - What Method for Erotohistoriography?

Tuesday 11 May 2021
Zoom (see link below the text)

Elizabeth Freeman’s “erotohistoriography” proposes that “contact with historical materials can be precipitated by particular bodily dispositions, and that these connections may elicit bodily responses, even pleasurable ones, that are themselves a form of understanding.”

This presentation, which you can join via Zoom, will advance the idea of an erotohistoriographical method by focusing on emerging audiovisual approaches to practice research in performing and embodied arts. What if the interplay of history and identity in the researchers’ own bodies were recognized as central to the research process? What if the inherently collaborative concept of the laboratory were taken as a starting point for research in arts and humanities? What if audiovisual production were understood not only as a source of objects for analysis but also as a form of scholarly publication?

The presentation will examine audiovisual materials from Ben Spatz’s Judaica project, which explores jewish identity through audiovisual embodied research, as well as a new collaboration between Spatz and a lab run by actor-musician and university lecturer Jed Wentz of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University.


Ben Spatz is a nonbinary researcher and theorist of embodied practice. They are Senior Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Huddersfield, UK and author of three books: What a Body Can Do (Routledge 2015), Blue Sky Body (Routledge 2020), and Making a Laboratory (Punctum 2020).

Ben is editor of the videographic Journal of Embodied Research from Open Library of Humanities and of the Advanced Methods imprint from Punctum Books, as well as co-convener of the Embodied Research Working Group within the International Federation for Theatre Research. Ben’s work has been presented at nearly thirty institutions in eleven countries. Read more.


ARC (art_research_convergence) is an outreach initiative of Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, and the University of the Arts The Hague, for the active communication of artistic research.

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You can join this ARC session via Zoom.

ARC (art_research_convergence)

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