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Symposium about Robert van Gulik

Friday 9 April 2021 - Saturday 10 April 2021

The KVVAK, Chair of Asian Art Leiden University, Ikigai (KVVAK’s young professionals network), the China Cultural Center Den Haag, and the Rijksmuseum are inviting you  to join in a special 2-day event on a subject that continues to fascinate. Robert van Gulik (1910-1967), known in China as Gāo Luópèi 髙羅佩, appears to us in many guises: some see him mainly as a diplomat or collector of Chinese art; some know him for his scholarly writings on the zither (qin) or on sexual life in ancient China; others know him as the author of the famous Judge Dee detective stories.

On April 9 and April 10, 2021, on the KVVAK Young Scholars’ Symposium, lectures will introduce new perspectives and approaches, and you will be able to enjoy a keynote speech by Willem van Gulik, video tours of Van Gulik exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum and at the China Cultural Center, the film On The Track of Robert van Gulik by Rob Rombout, and a virtuoso guqin music performance by Cheng Yu.

You are welcome to join us online on this special Van Gulik 2-Day Event.

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