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Alumni event | Lecture

Pride and prejudice: the eighteenth-century interior in the historiography of British architecture

  • Prof. dr. Christine Casey (Trinity College Dublin)
Thursday 15 April 2021
Interiors for Display: The art of the eighteenth-century interior in the Dutch Republic and Europe

About this event

The notion of decoration being superficial rather than integral was firmly embedded in the architectural history of the 20th century and influenced perceptions of the eighteenth-century interior. This lecture will explore the range of approaches to the decorative interior in Britain with emphasis on the role of craftsmanship. It argues that disciplinary boundaries have militated against a holistic understanding of architecture and decoration and that privileging of design over making has misrepresented architectural production in the period.


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Interiors for Display

This lecture is part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series. In the Spring of 2021, academics, curators and heritage professionals are brought together for a series of lectures that will cover various aspects of the eighteenth-century interior in the Netherlands and Europe.

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