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LUCDH Lunchtime Speaker Series

Wednesday 7 April 2021
12:00 (noon) - 13:00
Kaltura Live Rooms (online)
Kaltura Live Rooms - please register for login details via lucdh@leidenuniv.nl
'Getting smarter with VR & AR'

How will Mixed Reality change the ways we learn and solve problems?

Join us for Robin de Lange's LUCDH lunchtime talk Wednesday, April 7th, 12:00 – 13:00 via Kaltura Live Rooms. (This talk was postponed from December 2020)

Of special interest to students intrigued by learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

In this talk, Robin de Lange will share findings from five years of the student research in his Honours Class which is now called 'Getting smarter with VR & AR'. The focus of this course and Robin's research has been on learning with Virtual Reality headsets. More and more the focus shifts to Augmented Reality and how different aspects of our society could change when we would wear AR headsets on a daily basis. Questions explored at this talk: Can we solve more complex problems when we're continuously supported by a digital device? How could this change the ways we interact with each other? How can we anticipate these developments and make wise decisions to steer them in the right direction? 
Robin is the founder of the Virtual Reality Learning Lab. He has a MSc. in Media Technology and a bachelor in Physics and Philosophy. See also: www.robindelange.com/

Please email: lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl for registration and Kaltura Live Room login details to the LUCDH Events channel.

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