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Engaging with the Antique: Parisian architects, designers and craftsmen and the development of the neoclassical interior, 1760-1785

Thursday 29 April 2021
Interiors for Display: The art of the eighteenth-century interior in the Dutch Republic and Europe

About this event

This paper will look at the development of the neoclassical taste in French interiors, concentrating specifically on architects and designers who helped develop the style and the craftsmen who brilliantly turned these two-dimensional concepts into fashionable decorative art. Architects like Charles de Wailly and Pierre-Adrien Pâris produced designs for ground-breaking interiors which, although inspired by the Antique, were resolutely French. This paper will examine some of these designs, and the networks of production that enabled them to be made. Works by cabinetmakers, bronziers and chairmakers will be examined, looking at the way in which the Ancient world was appropriated to meet the requirements of fashionable Parisian patrons and how it inspired some of the most highly-sought after furnishings in Europe.


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Interiors for Display

This lecture is part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series. In the Spring of 2021, academics, curators and heritage professionals are brought together for a series of lectures that will cover various aspects of the eighteenth-century interior in the Netherlands and Europe.

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