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Dutch Symposium of the Near East

Thursday 22 April 2021
Online (Zoom)

It is our pleasure to announce the 12th edition of DUSANE, the Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East. DUSANE is organized by a collaboration of students who are part of Nabu Na’id, a subgroup of the study association for Archaeology L.A.S. Terra, linked to Leiden University.

It’s often common for passionate academic communities to isolate themselves, utterly focused on their own research. Therefore, people from Archaeology, Egyptology, Assyriology, Islamic Studies and other relevant disciplines rarely have a chance to meet, share their research and exchange perspectives and experiences. Our aim is to bridge this gap by bringing together different researchers who work in different regions and specializations within Near Eastern Studies. Therefore, during this symposium, several researchers from various specializations will present their latest research related to the ancient Near East. Anyone with an interest in the several civilizations and cultures of the Near East is welcome to attend.


13:00-13:15 Word of Welcome

13:15-13:45 G. Russo MA: “Pottery-making in the late prehistoric Balikh Valley: preliminary results”

13:45-14:15 Dr. W.J.I. Waal: “It is not a deer. It is a…  A new interpretation of some Hittite fables”

 14:15-14:45 Coffee Break and Poster Session

14:45-15:15 R.C.A. Geerts MA: “From dedication to dereliction. Recent research in the Isis temple in Berenike (Egypt)”

15:15-15:45 dr. R. Palermo: “Landscape and Settlements of Northern Mesopotamia: The Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey”

15:45-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:30 Prof.dr. J.K. Zangenberg: “Walking with Jesus along the Lake Shore. Recent archaeological discoveries on everyday life in ancient Galilee”

16:30-16:40 Closing of the Symposium

16:40-18:00 Drinks

More information and registration

If you would like to attend, please send an email to dusanecommittee@gmail.com

The event will be streamed via Zoom at this link.

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