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Colonial Heritage and the Politics of Museums in the 21st Century

  • Diana Natermann
Wednesday 28 April 2021
Culture and Politics Event Series

As part of this Culture and Politics specialisation event, Leiden staff member Dr. Diana Natermann will speak about colonial heritage and the politics of museums in the 21st century. A very current and hot topic, no doubt, so students are encouraged to come with questions for the Q&A session to follow the talk. This event follows nicely from a recent discussion with the Dutch Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation who, among other issues, spoke about the Dutch government’s recent return to the Indonesian government of a dagger that belonged to the leader of the rebellion against Dutch colonial rule, Prince Diponegoro.

Culture and Politics Event Series

The Culture and Politics Event Series serves to expose students to further themes related to their specialisation as well as to possible future career opportunities for which their specialisation provides required knowledge and skills.

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