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ARC session- Musicians Playing With Computers | Musicians Interacting With The World

Tuesday 13 April 2021
Zoom online

The use of technology in music encompasses different practices: live coding, gestural software instruments, live-electronics interfaces, AI and machine learning, etc. However, the different ways in which musicians make sound using their computers reflect not only the relationship between humans and technology, but also a broader and more universal relationship – between humans and the world surrounding them.
How do music technologists design tools in order to address the potential needs of a future performance situation? How do they address questions concerning technology and human behaviour or perception? How do they choose to digitally document and study the world around them, and to use computer instruments as a critical tool to retheorize political, cultural, and social issues?
Presentations and a moderated discussion, featuring:
Dr. Jenn Kirby (University of the West of Scotland)
* Live Electronics: Performer Agency and Audience Reception
Kirby’s research is focused on developing new methods of performer agency in live electronic music and utilising audio-visual symbiosis to enhance audience engagement. She designs and performs with gestural software instruments.
Prof. Anıl Çamcı (University of Michigan)
* The Immersive Thread: Building Tools for Worldmaking across Various Media
In this presentation, I will talk about some of the tools and techniques I developed in recent years to explore immersion as a common thread across different modes of artistic expression ranging from fixed electronic music to audiovisual, interactive and participatory art. In discussing the relationship between my creative work and technology, I will also outline how research into extended realities can influence our notions of creativity and audience engagement moving forward.
Dr. Ilya Ziblat (Independent composer and researcher)
* Live-electronics and the News: Real-time Processing of Speech Samples Extracted From Social-media Platforms
My live-electronics interfaces are designed to process audio samples in real time. I often choose to work with samples of speech extracted from social-media and video-sharing platforms. By re-working these politically 'charged' materials I am able to deconstruct biases and supposed meanings, to question the dispositions of the speakers, and finally to reconstruct language in a musical rather than syntactical order. 

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