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Decolonising Knowledge Symposium

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Registration is closed.

You are warmly invited to participate in the upcoming Decolonising Knowledge symposium. This event will bring together students, academic staff and support staff interested in decolonising knowledge production at Leiden University to plan for collective action for the future and co-develop a Decolonising Collective Leiden.

The symposium will be guided by three principal questions:

  1. What are the challenges and prospects of decolonising knowledge production given our colonialist context here at Leiden/The Netherlands/Europe?
  2. How can we decolonise our research process in a rigorous and sustained manner, and not as a performative gesture?
  3. What concrete steps and approaches can we take to decolonise our pedagogy/teaching?

Programme and speakers

The Decolonising Knowledge symposium is a three-hour online event (see programme). First, we begin with a panel of guest speakers from a variety of faculties and institutes of the university, who will offer introductory remarks on the three themes given above. The speakers include

  • Karwan Fatah-Black (Humanities)
  • Francio Guadeloupe (KITLV)
  • Tana Joseph (University of Amsterdam/AstroComms)
  • Maria Gabriela Palacio Ludena (Humanities)
  • Pedro Russo (Leiden Observatory)
  • Karen Smith (Humanities)

We then continue with break-out rooms in which all participants can engage in more intimate discussions on the themes. Finally, we will end with a plenary of wide-ranging debate and input on the Decolonising Collective’s next steps.

This event is organised by:

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