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Alumni event | Lecture

Amsterdam's splendid interiors of the eighteenth century

  • Pieter Vlaardingerbroek (Gemeente Amsterdam, Monumenten & Archeologie/UU)
Thursday 11 March 2021
Interiors for Display: The art of the eighteenth-century interior in the Dutch Republic and Europe

About this event

Please note that this event has been rescheduled. We look forward to welcoming you on March 11!

The Amsterdam houses were mainly built in the seventeenth century. Their interiors however were subject to constant renovations. In this lecture I will try and give an overview of the most splendid Amsterdam interiors of the eighteenth century, as well as their commissioners and designers, who were heavily influenced by the latest fashions in Italy, France, the Southern Netherlands or England.


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Interiors for Display

This lecture is part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series. In the Spring of 2021, academics, curators and heritage professionals are brought together for a series of lectures that will cover various aspects of the eighteenth-century interior in the Netherlands and Europe.

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