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Decolonizing Our Selves: Addressing the Pain of Detachment

Wednesday 17 February 2021
Online: Microsoft Teams

Decolonisation Event at LUC

Many contemporary injustices are structural in nature, argues Professor Catherine Lu in her award-winning book Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics. 
These structural injustices include anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, as well as doctrines of white supremacy, that affect how people view themselves, others, and their relations in the social world. To combat such injustices, Professor Lu suggests there is a need for decolonisation, decentering and disalienation. What do these ideas imply, including for the teaching and learning at our universities?
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Catherine Lu
Join us for this talk by Catherine Lu, Professor of Political Science at McGill University, and Coordinator of the Research Group on Global Justice of the Yan P. Lin Centre.
The event is hosted by the Decolonisation Working Group at LUC. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Dr. Ingrid Samset.
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