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Teach the Teachers Workshop in Digital Skills

Monday 25 January 2021 - Friday 29 January 2021
MS Teams or Kaltura Live Rooms

Teach the Teachers Workshop on: Digital Skills and Thinking for the Humanities (ONLINE!)

From Monday 25 to Friday 29 January 2021, the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities and the Centre for Digital Scholarship will co-organize a Teach the Teachers workshop in Digital Skills and Thinking for the Humanities.

After this week you will have seen a wide range of examples of concepts and tools for digital data, analysis, (visual) storytelling, and didactics and will have gained working knowledge with some of them. The aim of this workshop is to (better) integrate digital skills, methods, and theory in our teaching, but the things you will learn here will also benefit your research.

The schedule and planned topics are as follows:

Monday (9:30-12:30)
What is/are (digital) data, how to get it, and why does it/do they matter for my teaching? 
We will cover:

  • Types of data
  • Data acquisition (particularly from digital sources)
  • File formats
  • Data criticism

Tuesday (9:30-12:30)
How to prepare data for analysis, how to share your data, why is this a core process in doing any kind of digital work? 

  • Data Cleaning/Wrangling
  • OpenRefine, a tool for cleaning and (re-)structuring your data
  • The Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) approach

Wednesday (9:30-12:30)
How computers can help us think, how we can help computers think, what information can be extracted from texts and how are these useful skills for humanists?

  • Computational thinking
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Text Analysis

Thursday (9:30-12:30)
How can computers help us tell human stories, what is the role and potential of digital visual storytelling in the humanities, what skills and concepts do I need to teach my students visual storytelling?

  • Digital storytelling
  • Core concepts of visualization
  • Visualization toolbox

Friday (9:30-12:30)
How to teach digital thinking and tools to students and what is on the digital horizon for the Humanities?

This morning will have presentations and panels on:

  • Didactics for teaching digital tools and thinking
  • Cutting edge digital approaches in the Humanities

Speakers will include:

  • Felienne Hermans, LIACS, Leiden University
  • Suzan Verberne, LIACS, Leiden University
  • Alex Brandsen, Leiden Univeristy
  • Liselore Tissen, Leiden University
  • Jelger Kroese, Leiden University Centre for Innovation

If you would like to participate in this 5-day, 3 hour/day workshop, please send an e-mail before January 8, 2021 to lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Your e-mail should include the following information:

  • Your name and (institutional) affiliation.
  • A brief characterization of your current digital proficiencies and interests (NB you do not need these to qualify for participation, this workshop is aimed at people with non- or a basic understanding of digital technology in the humanities/teaching).
  • Optional: which of the courses you teach and would like to (better) integrate digital concepts and skills with. Please include a link to the e-study guide per course or provide another form of course description.

The complete workshop (25-29 January) will move fully online. The maximum number of participants is 18 for the full workshop. The last day (Friday 29 January) is open to everyone just wanting to register for the presentations and panel session.

The 5-morning workshop is meant specifically for those who provide education at the Faculty of the Humanities. If you are non-teaching or non-Humanities staff, but have an interest in participating, please send us an e-mail with your motivation so we can place you on an ‘interested’ list. We cannot guarantee participation, but will open up any remaining spots for people on the ‘interested’ list after the end of the second week of January. Regardless, your indication of interest will help us in designing and planning other workshop forms.

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