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Big Brain Academy 2021

Thursday 28 January 2021

On January 28, all honours students - be it from Pre-University College, the Honours College, or the Leiden Leadership Programme - will battle in teams for eternal glory as well as highly desired prices. On this Thursday evening, Big Brain Academy 2021 will take place, a gameshow in which you and your team of roughly six other honours students gather points in trivia and music quizzes, puzzles, and more.

Work together and win!

Make good use of the creative and smart brains in your team, and you and your pals might turn out to be the 'Big Brains' of the event. Not only is this a good way to acquire new knowledge, you will get to know your fellow students better as well - who knows how many new friendships will be born.

The gameshow will be hosted by Wessel van Dam, the assessor of the Honours Academy, by way of a YouTube livestream in which the rules and game rounds will be explained. Meanwhile, your team will have gathered in a Discordserver, where you can discuss the questions and puzzles together.

The event takes place from 20:00 to 22:00. Afterwards, there is the option to stick around, talk, and play some games such as Among Us and Pictionary together!


Sign up for this event by filling in this form. To make sure that there's always a familiar face in your team, you have to possibility to list a fellow honours student, and then both of you will be placed in the same team. Note: this other person has to sign up too! Before the event, you will receive an email with the links to the livestream and the Discordserver.


If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the asessor of the Honours Academy, Wessel van Dam

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