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Textual Sources and Geographies of Slavery in the Early Islamic Empire, ca. 600-1000 CE

Thursday 3 December 2020 - Friday 4 December 2020
Two-day online workshop 14:00-17:00
Source: Gallica.bnf.fr Maqamat of Al-Hariri

Workshop: Textual Sources and Geographies of Slavery in the Early-Islamic Empire, ca. 600-1000 CE

This workshop aims to explore forms and functions of slavery represented in textual sources from the early-Islamic empire, ca. 600-1000 CE. It addresses questions about the realities of slavery. E.g., what makes a person slave? How does (un)freedom  affect an individual’s social status? To what extent did slavery and related practices differ across historical, cultural, and geographic contexts?  Hence, is it appropriate to use generic terminology, such as ‘slave’ and ‘slavery’, when we speak of forms of unfreedom throughout the Islamicate world? By integrating textual sources from the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, Egypt, the Near East, Arabia, Persia and Central Asia, this workshop aims to better understand the complexity of slavery in the early-Islamic empire.



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