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LCCP Symposium Memory for the Future: Thinking with Bernard Stiegler

Thursday 3 December 2020 - Friday 4 December 2020
Microsoft Teams

Bernard Stiegler’s unexpected passing away in August 2020 left many things unfinished. His philosophical work, that had started by a seminal theory of technics as memory and evolved towards an interrogation of the automatic society, now examined from the perspective of anthropic and neganthropic tendencies of the world marked by pervasive AI, ultraliberalism and climate catastrophe. His influence went also beyond philosophy to many practical engagements, earlier with the arts (IRCAM, Pompidou), and recently with civil society actors that seek to empower people in ordinary everyday life (Pleine Commune) but also to influence the course of the world on the level of the UN.

In order to commemorate the span of this multifaceted work, but above all in order to probe its future, the Leiden University Center for Continental Philosophy (LCCP) and the Institute for Science in Society of the Radboud University of Nijmegen summon a meeting of both academics and actors from civil society. The meeting will surely summarize his philosophical legacy, but above all it will explore possible futures in the spirit of Bernard Stiegler's philosophical  project, both practically and  theoretically. How should we take care of the world marked by ubiquitous digitalization, global ecological destruction and increasing economical turmoil? How should we face this reality in thinking? What should philosophy consist of when digitalization has entered the domain of knowledge production and cultural reflection? Is philosophy mainly a matter of concept production or also an engagement with reality? What is philosophizing for Stiegler, and how should we philosophize with Stiegler and after him?

Due to Covid restrictions the symposium will take place online. More than anybody else, Bernard Stiegler led us to interrogate both the misery and the emancipative potential of this media, so let this also be an occasion for putting this element of his thinking in practice.

Program (to be specified)

Thursday 3 December 2 PM to 7 PM: Stiegler’s engagements
Friday 4 December 2 PM to 7 PM: Thinking through Bernard Stiegler

Confirmed speakers (list to be completed)

Jean-Hugues Barthélémy
Erich Hörl
Pieter Lemmens
Susanna Lindberg
Geert Lovink
Jan Masschelein
Gerald Moore
Jean-Luc Nancy
Anais Nony
Dan Ross
Antoinette Rouvroy
Georgios Tsagdis
Sjoerd van Tuinen
Mischa Twitchin
Paul Willemarck

Judith Wambacq & Bart Buseyne: discussion between Anne Alombert (Internation), Victor Chaix (Les amis de la génération de Greta Thunberg) and Maël Montévil (Plaine Commune)

Further information: Susanna Lindberg:   s.e.lindberg@phil.leidenuniv.nl
Pieter Lemmens:   p.lemmens@science.ru.nl
Conference secretary: Donovan Stewart:  donovanstewart@protonmail.com
Leiden Centre for Continental Philosophy:  link

Photograph by Jean Frémiot.




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