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Shards for Sale: The Jingdezhen Shard Market and Writing New Histories of the Ceramics Industry

Wednesday 11 November 2020
China Seminar
On-line on Teams

Every Monday morning, a market takes place in the porcelain production town of Jingdezhen. It mostly sells broken pieces of porcelain. This in itself raises a number of questions: why broken porcelain? And who are the people interested in buying these shards? In exploring the multi-facetted answers to these questions, I will touch on a number of the topics I discuss in my recent book, The City of Blue and White: Chinese Porcelain and the Early Modern World (Cambridge University Press, 2020), such as the long history of Jingdezhen and its emergence as the foremost site of ceramics production and more recent developments in the town; histories of labour, skill and natural resources; as well as the global appreciation of Chinese porcelain in the art market.

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