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Well-Being Days FGGA: Hanging in there!

Monday 23 November 2020
From home

From 23 to 26 November, FGGA will again organise the online 'FGGA Feeling Good Well-Being Days'. With nice articles, useful tips and (online) activities. Especially for students, but also very interesting for employees.

For example, read what the benefits of walking are and get the best walking routes in The Hague and Leiden. How can you ensure that you sleep well? Workout videos that you can easily do at home ... and more. Everything to make you feel a little bit better.

Every day has a different theme. Today: hanging in there.  

Hanging in there!

During the last Wellbeing Week, the concept of working and studying from home was still fairly new. Now, almost half a year later, it is something we are all slowly getting used to. Nevertheless, it sometimes remains uncomfortable and frustrations about the situation can arise. The question is; how do you keep that up? Today we focus on tips to persevere, to set up your home workplace correctly. and fight boredom with books and podcasts. In short, tips to 'hang in there'!

During the previous FGGA wellbeing week, working from home was still new for all students and employees. Now, more than six months later, we don't know any better than that working from home is the standard. But what is your posture actually like while reading this? Maybe slouched a bit and with a crooked back? Unconsciously, it may be that you are not sitting well or that you tense your muscles too much. As a result, you may notice neck and back pain. Now that working from home will be the standard for longer, it is important to prevent these complaints. Today we give you some tips for a correct workplace from home.

Working while sitting

As described above, it can happen that you unconsciously adopt a wrong posture when you are sitting at your desk or kitchen table. To avoid this, it is important to consider the following steps:

  • Sit up straight and put both feet firmly on the floor
  • Hold your lower back against the back of your chair and make sure your shoulders feel relaxed. The natural S-shape of your spine must be preserved.
  • Keep your head, neck and back straight. Tip: to remind yourself of your posture, it can help to paste a note on your screen with, for example, the word posture
  • Check whether your elbows have the correct support. If your armrest is too low, you may develop back pain on one side. When the armrests are too high, tension can arise in your neck.

For more information about improving your posture, for example, also while driving or sleeping, we direct you to the health square website.



Human Capital Care, labor, vitality and health advisor, has also made a video for improving your posture


When you work with a laptop instead of a separate screen / keyboard / mouse, it can be interesting to invest in the right work equipment for the home. By purchasing a laptop stand, a mouse and a keyboard, you can make leaps and bounds in improving your posture. You can find keyboards, a mouse and various laptop stands at, among others, Bol.com, Coolblue and Wehkamp. Of course, you can also take a look at, for example, Marktplaats.

We also recommend that you ensure a tidy home workplace if you have the opportunity. It is best to try to separate your private space and your workspace. Yet not everyone has enough space in his or her (student) house to create a separate study room. In that case we can advise you to ensure that your workplace, wherever it may be, is as tidy as possible.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a form of top-class sport, especially in corona time. But how difficult is that? And why keep it up when you can stay in your bed all day to follow your lectures online? Professor of health psychology Andrea Evers gives tips and tricks. 

It's definitely top-class sport to have a healthy lifestyle,' laughs Andrea Evers. It's a road full of stumbling blocks and temptations. But healthy living is not just about nutrition and whether you get enough exercise, but also about the mental aspect. Your relationships with other people, your social network. But also how you deal with crisis situations, such as a pandemic. I see the time in which we live now as a good exercise,' explains Evers. I think that in the future, we'll have to deal with these kinds of challenges more often. You can think now: oh how spicy it is, I can't stand it. It's better to think: oh how spicy it is, what a good training. Not because it can always get worse, but to turn a negative thought into something positive'.

Immune system training

According to Evers, we, the people, do not benefit from an environment that is too protective. We need a little stress. Challenges in life. Why? To train our immune system. Your condition will deteriorate if you do nothing. Look at holidays, where your IQ also deteriorates because you don't do anything. That's a danger you also face in this day and age. We know that we have to take good care of ourselves, but if we don't have to, the temptation is great not to. It is very important for your immune system to set goals. Eat well and exercise regularly. You also know that brushing your teeth is sensible. So is healthy living. 

Find social contact

According to Evers, it is important at this time to obtain social incentives as well. Even if you can't do much in large groups, look for company. Don't do everything on your own. Go for a walk with a friend or meet a colleague who lives nearby during the lunch break. If you do go alone, take photos of your activity and send them to others. In this way you show that you are busy and hopefully encourage others to do the same'.

Do what you like

In any case, what you shouldn't do is do things that you really don't like. Evers: 'If you hate running, you shouldn't do it because you think you have to do something. Keep it to yourself, that's really urgent advice from me. If you don't like it, you're certainly not going to keep it up'. 

Satisfied on the couch

Another trick to maintain your lifestyle is to anticipate what is to come. Make sure there is structure and apply it to everything you do or will do. Before you go to the supermarket, think about what you are going to buy. Before you go to study, think about when you are going to take a break. Think in advance about when you are going to play sports. If you know that you have a busy day, there are thousands of reasons not to exercise in the evening. If you know, exercise in the morning. If you don't have regularity, at least make sure you have a plan every day and stick to it. I always say: you don't have to set a top sports goal to be happy and healthy. Being happy on the couch in the evening is also a goal. Isn't that what you do? Then ask yourself why not and make a new plan for the next day'. 

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