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EU Democracy Promotion in Belarus

  • Dr Giselle Bosse
Friday 13 November 2020
EU Seminar

The lecture will offer an overview of the European Union’s contribution to promoting and protecting human rights in Belarus since 2016. It will summarize the main human rights trends in Belarus, examining legislation, policy commitments and violations of human rights. The lecture will discuss the track record of the EU’s human rights promotion activities in bilateral EU-Belarus relations, within the context of the Eastern Partnership multilateral dimension and in regard to financial assistance. The seminar will also offer an analysis of the recent and ongoing democratic uprising in Belarus, and the EU's (limited) response to the unfolding events. Finally, Dr. Bosse will share some insights from her own experience delivering policy advice on Belarus and other EaP countries to non-academic stakeholders, such as EU institutions and think tanks.

Dr Giselle Bosse is Associate Professor in EU External Relations and Director of the Research Master European Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University.  Her work examines, among other, the influence of non-state actors on EU foreign policy, and the reasons behind the EU’s failure to deal with autocratic regimes. She also provides policy advice to EU institutions: you can read here her recent policy brief to the European Parliament on Belarus.

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