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CS Lab Webinar: The Characteristics of Citizen Science

Thursday 12 November 2020
Citizen Science Lab webinars
Online event

What is citizen science (and what isn't)?

The field of citizen science is expanding rapidly, and many different actors are becoming involved in harnessing the field for knowledge generation and public engagement with science. However, reaching consensus on a common definition is still a challenge, and perhaps not possible, because the types of activities that can fall under the umbrella of citizen science are so broad, and placed at the intersection of numerous scientific fields.

However, there is often a need to seek a discipline- or context-specific definition (such as for a specific funding call). The EU-Citizen.Science consortium, in building the platform to share Citizen Science projects and resources, has also run into this need to communicate a clear definition, as guidance to those who would like to share their project and resources with the wider community.

About the speaker

Margaret Gold works for the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) in the WeObserve, LandSense, and EU-Citizen.Science projects. She will discuss the recent work on the Characteristics of Citizen Science that was led by ECSA and the partners in the EU-Citizen.Science project to develop a set of characteristics that address the areas of ambiguity in the field, and explain the range of activities that can or cannot be considered to be Citizen Science. 

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