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The Trump Presidency: A Global Assessment

Thursday 29 October 2020
Kaltura Live Room (see below)

With less than a week to go before the US finishes casting its ballots for the presidential elections, this panel of esteemed speakers will debate the impact of the Trump presidency in its first term and consider prospects for the US’s relations with the world under a Trump or Biden presidency.

Professor ANDRÉ GERRITS  will act as moderator on a panel discussion with the following speakers:

Dr JONATHAN LONDON is Associate Professor of Global Political Economy at the Leiden Institute of Area Studies, Leiden University and will deliver the starting intervention, exploring the international economic perspective in relation to Trump’s first – and perhaps only – term.

Dr MAXINE DAVID is a foreign policy analyst, working as a Lecturer in the Institute for History, Leiden University. Dr David will evaluate the last four years from the perspective of Europeans, focusing particularly on the impact on the EU’s and the European pillar of NATO’s relations with the US.

Professor FRANK PIEKE is Adjunct Professor of Modern China Studies at the Institute for Area Studies, Leiden University. Professor Pieke will speak about the Chinese position on the Trump presidency and its impact on how China views and is viewed in the world.

HUGO KLIJN is a Senior Research Fellow within the Security Unit of the Clingendael Institute and will consider the implications of the elections for the US’s relations with Russia and, in turn, what those will mean for transatlantic security relations and nuclear arms control.

Dr ANDY GAWTHORPE is a Lecturer in the Institute for History and a historian of the United States and will deliver a spoken column discussing what four more years of Trump would mean for the world, and the implications of his legacy for a potential Biden administration.

Webinar via Kaltura Live Room

Password: Survival20Leiden. To improve quality, please join with your camera off and your microphone muted.

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