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Mirroring the Other: Depiction of Dialogical Self in Works of Shadi Ghadirian

Friday 30 October 2020
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As Francis Ponge said, “I think therefore I am, I speak and you hear me; therefore we are” I survey the possibility of reclaiming an authentic dialogue through creative platforms. I argue, pigments and symbols convey the prohibited voice of the artist. In particular, I focus on the role of the aesthetic mise en scene in works of the contemporary Persian artist Shadi Ghadirian (1974-). Questioning how Bakhtin’s carnivalesque frame provides the artist with the means to retrieve the prohibited feminine voice of her generation, the aim is to illustrate the occult angles of Persian feminist art. In his chronotope doctrine Bakhtin claims, through art's carnivalesque frame, spatial and temporal axioms are shattered or fused, thus the hierarchy loses its dominance, and the marginalised finds the opportunity to announce its existence and regain its entity. Therefore I conclude, not only the art permits the artist to create a dialogue with another aspect of herself, parallel through the acknowledgement of the Other, mirroring the voids and confirmation of the fragmented self, the pictorial dialogic brings the conflicting elements of the female identity into an active unity.

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