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First event of the new study association LSA: Law & Order - U.S. Elections

Monday 26 October 2020

We are delighted to announce the very first event of our new study association LSA of the Master program Law & Society. The event is entitled 'Law & Order: U.S. Elections'.

The event will take place on Monday the 26 of October at 8 pm. The topic will be on Law and Order U.S. Elections and the guest speakers will be Chase Burton (Leiden Law School) and Andrew Gawthorpe (Faculty of Humanities). They will explain all kinds of must-knows about Law and Order and how it is intertwined with the upcoming election next to Trump's very own relationship with the law.


  • Welcome word (Danielle Chevalier, Study Coordinator MSc: Law & Society & Büşra Dursun, President LSA)
  • Introduction speakers (Büşra Dursun, President LSA)
  • Historical background on the rhetoric of Law & Order used in the U.S. (Chase Burton)
  • Modern times: Trump as the lawbreaker, Trump presidency, and the legal system (Andrew Gawthorpe)
  • Q&A session (interactive with the audience) 
  • Recap & Conclusion (Board LSA)
  • Unrecorded informal (online) borrel

The Kaltura link: https://smart.newrow.com/room/?kch-195&fr=lti 

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