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Forum Antiquum Fall 2020 lecture: 'De Tiberio, Augusti imitatore sed non aemulo? Tiberius and Augustus in Velleius Paterculus' Roman History.'

Thursday 29 October 2020
Online via Kaltura, read below

The crucial importance of Tiberius for the overall shape of Velleius Paterculus’ History ('published' in 30 CE) has been widely recognized. In the words of Martin Bloomer, the work presents Roman history as a festinatio ad Tiberium. The emperor definitively restores Rome’s glory, which had been in danger since the mid-second century BCE because of the growing decadence of public moral and the increasing competition of leading politicians among each other. Tiberius thus continues and fulfils the political testament of Augustus; he does so on the basis of his moral perfection and through the help of fate. While Tiberius’ imitation of Augustan concepts in Velleius has been widely recognized, it is worth addressing anew the question of whether Velleius' Tiberius wants to emulate his predecessor. Put briefly, my brief talk will argue that Velleius presents Tiberius as equating (and eventually even surpassing) Augustus precisely because he by no means wants to compete with him, let alone surpass him.

Physical meetings are still very restricted for anything that is not part of the regular education programme. Therefore, we will meet in the following Kaltura Live Room.
The link to the liveroom can be requested via mail

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