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Cleveringa lecture

Thursday 26 November 2020

The fiftieth Cleveringa lecture will be given by Canadian Roméo Dallaire. He was UN Commander in Rwanda during the genocide there, and subsequently became a champion of human rights. He has been appointed this year's  Cleveringa professor at Leiden University. 

The theme of the lecture this year is health - both physical and mental - in humanitarian interventions; Dallaire will base his lecture on his personal experiences in Rwanda. In the current corona era, he will deliver his lecture  via a livestream from Canada. 

Live video

The Cleveringa lecture can be followed on 26 November on this page via a livestream.

About the Cleveringa lecture

Every year the university remembers the victims of the Second World War and commemorates the protest speech given by Leiden Professor of Law Rudolph Cleveringa. On 26 November 1940, he gave an address protesting against the dismissal of his Jewish colleague Eduard Meijers; after the address, Cleveringa was arrested. The Cleveringa chair is a professorship held for one year; the person holding the chair engages with themes relating to World War II or issues of law, liberty and responsiblity. 

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