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Fifth annual Science Day for Physics master students

Tuesday 8 September 2020
Darwinweg 2

On Tuesday 8 September, the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) organizes the fifth edition of its annual Science Day. Scientists from disciplines all across the physics spectrum will elaborate on their research during fourteen interactive talks. LION organizes the event to introduce first year master students to the full range of physics topics that are studied in Leiden.

The LION Science Day started out as an afternoon of talks and has now grown into a full-day mini-conference with lectures throughout the day and drinks. Topics include biophysics, electron microscopy and quantum computation; see attachment for the full schedule.

The event is primarily organized for LION’s first year master students in preparation to their graduation project, but other physics students and LION staff are also more than welcome. They can register until Friday September 4, 12 noon through this link.

10:10   Jan Aarts Welcome
10:20 1 Daniela Kraft Changing shape at the microscale
10:40 2 Dirk Bouwmeester Optomechanical state transfer
11:00 3 Carlo Beenakker
Localization landscape for Dirac fermions 
11:20    Break  
11:40 4 Julia Cramer Is society quantum ready? 
12:00 5 Koenraad Schalm Applied String Theory: bringing holography to the lab 
12:20 6 Wolfgang Löffler Artifical quantum states of light 
12:40   Lunch
13:40 7 Michel Orrit Current Endeavours in Single-Molecule Optics 
14:00 8 Subodh Patil Cosmology and fundamental physics: what's next?
14:20 9 Martina Huber  Putting a Spin on it: Unravel Flexible Proteins With High Magnetic Fields 
14:40 10 Alexandre Morin Synthetic flocks: exploring collective motion in the lab
15:00   Break  
15:20 11 Dorothea Samtleben Neutrinos in the Mediterranean Sea
15:40 12 Jan van Ruitenbeek Electron transport at the nanoscale: single molecules and more 
16:00 13 Ana Achúcarro Observing the Big Bang 
16:20 14 Tjerk Oosterkamp  Ultracold mechanical resonators for nanoMRI and for the end of quantum mechanics
16:40   End, Coffee  


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