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Artificial Intelligence in Health Science Education - LERU online meeting

Friday 4 September 2020
Online meeting
Zoom (link to be sent to those who have registered 1 week before the meeting)

Are you a university staff member involved in managing, and defining, the content of the health science education programs in LERU universities? Than this workshop might be for you. 

In a format of 4 x 20 minute presentations by experts in the area we will discuss the effect of artificial intelligence in health science education programs, each followed by 20- minute structured discussions, based on though provoking statements from the speakers. The program is constructed to evoke discussion on the contents related to AI that should be taught during the Medical Degree on the one hand,  but on the other hand also during general health sciences and biomedical research. In addition, it should consider when AI should be introduced and how. At the end of the meeting, a synthesis of the afternoon's discussions will be drawn up, this may be used as a basis for a physical workshop in Leiden in Summer 2021.


  1. Welcome and intro by the host: AI in health science education, (LUMC) 
  2. Rapid advances of AI over the past five years, Prof. Joost Batenburg (Leiden University)
  3. AI in diagnostic imaging: research and education, Prof. Ivana Isgum (University of Amsterdam)
  4. AI in Medical Education (exact title to be confirmed) Prof.  Jose Balibrea (University of Barcelona) 
  5. AI in life science research and education, Prof. Marcel Reinders (Delft University of Technology /LUMC) 

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