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Faculty opening of the academic year 2020-2021 Humanities

Wednesday 2 September 2020
Online event

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the opening of the new academic year of our Faculty on Wednesday afternoon, 2 September 2020.  

It will come as no surprise to hear that this year's opening will be different from other years due to the corona restrictions. On Wednesday 2 September, starting at 15:50, you can watch a varied live broadcast of around 1,5 hours, aired from our brand-new Arsenaal building. You will be treated to a round-table discussion with a diverse group of colleagues, led by Nick Schoemaker, you can take part in the online HUM quiz – and might even win a prize – and, in an interview with the four nominees for the Faculty Teaching Prize, you will learn who the winner is.  


15.50 hrs. Start broadcast + password : geesteswetenschappen
16.00 hrs. Opening 
16.05 hrs. Round-table discussion with Nick Schoemaker and a diverse group of colleagues. About the participants
16.55 hrs. Online HUM quiz
17.10 hrs. Interview with the four nominees for the Faculty Teaching Prize.
About the nominees

We will then invite you to join us in raising a virtual glass to the new academic year, and in the final 15 minutes of the ceremony you can view our wonderful film ‘Humans of Humanities’, which premiered the day before the corona crisis broke out.  

The link to the quiz will be given during the broadcast. Have your smartphone ready!   

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you all digitally at the opening ceremony. 

Participants Round-table discussion

  • Mark Rutgers, Dean Faculty  of Humanities and Professor of Social Philosophy
  • Ineke Sluiter, Professor of Greek Language and Literature and President KNAW, about the importance of humanities in these special times. 
  • Karwan Fatah-Black, University Lecturer and expert in Dutch Colonial History will talk about how he sees developments in our society such as #BLM resonate in our faculty.   
  • Jonatan-Wirix-Speetjens, assessor of the Faculty Board, has a lot of contact with our students and has tips for us and students in these special times.
  • Lauren Fonteyn, University Lecturer at the Centre for Linguistics and a new member of the de Young Academy Leiden, will talk about digital humanities.
  • Nadine Akkerman,  Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Senior Uiversity Lecturer and expert in early modern English literature will talk about similarities and differences between England and the Netherlands in the past year. 
  • Sarita Koendjbiharie, University Lecturer Management & Organization, talks about what these times mean for labour market preparation for students, alumni and internship providers. 
  • Crystal Ennis, University Lecturer Political Economies of the Middle East, talks about how she organised online teaching during this special period. 
  • Ferdinand Harmsen, Programme secretary / Consultant ICT & Education, with a short video message about ECOLe and online education 
  • Olivier Fajgenblat, Policy Adviser Education & Research / External PhD Candidate, with a short video about the choices he was forced to make due to covid-19. 

Nominees for the faculty education award

  • Lotte Fikkers, Literary Studies: 'In my lectures, I try to stimulate students to think critically, to see beyond their frame of reference and formulate valid arguments. But above all, I try to convey my love for the profession. If that succeeds, it creates a nice interaction of enthusiasm and my goal is achieved.'
  • Ae Ree Nam, Korean studies: 'If students face difficulty while learning, I provide them with a strategy of how they can learn better. Ultimately, the purpose of learning a language is not the language itself, but to become a user of the language; to interact, express ideas and communicate with others.'
  • Sai Englert, International Studies: 'I focus on questions, interests, and discussions to structure seminars, while my lectures prioritise clarifying theoretical approaches, existing debates in the literature, and their application on case studies.'
  • Laura Bertens, Art History: 'Every year, large numbers of students get to know and respect people from all cultures and continents here. The knowledge and empathy they gain will shape them for the rest of their lives.  This is something to be proud of as a faculty and the Teaching Prize is a great way to recognize this.'

See also: These are the nominees for the Faculty Teaching Prize 2020

Watch the opening via livesream

You can watch the Livestream on Wednesday 2 September, starting at 15:50, using the password: geesteswetenschappen

Go to the Livestream
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