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CPP Lecture by Marc Davidson, Theories of Distributive Justice and the Cultural theory of Risk

Thursday 8 October 2020
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Marc Davidson | Universiteit van Amsterdam - Academia.edu

Theories of Distributive Justice and the Cultural theory of Risk

According to John Rawls we have to envision a just society behing a veil of ignorance. We have to abstract from knowledge who we are in society, whether we are male or female, untalented or talented, raised in a stimulating environment or not. But Rawls also asks us to abtract from our attitudes towards risk: whether we are more risk seeking or more risk averse. According to the Cultural Theory of Risk this is impossible. This attitude precedes all thinking. The aim of my research is 1: to argue that libertariansim, liberal egalitarianism and utilitarianism are all 'rational' strategies behind the veil of ignorance dependent on one's risk attitude. 2: to perform psychological empirical research to test whether people who lean towards a certain idea of distributive justice indeed hold a corresponding risk attitude.


Since september 1st 2020, Marc Davidson is professor in Philosophy of Sustainability and Environment at Radboud University, Nijmegen. Previously, he was researcher and lecturer at the crossroad of environmental ethics and economics at the University of Amsterdam, and held the Socrates chair in Philosophy of Sustainable development from a humanistic perspective at Maastricht University. Marc Davidson has worked at Leiden University, Utrecht University and University College Amsterdam. He holds a PhD in Physics and a PhD in Philosophy.

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