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Asian Connections: Heritage Politics in Asia

  • Dr. Elmira Köchümkulova
  • Dr. Ali Mozaffari
Wednesday 23 September 2020

Heritage Politics in Asia

The topic of this seminar is Heritage Politics in Asia. We are honored to have Dr. Elmira Köchümkulova (University of Central Asia) and Dr. Ali Mozaffari (Deakin University) presenting their scholarly work on this topic. Their talks will be followed by discussion.

Dr. Elmira Köchümkulova
Dr. Elmira Köchümkulova is Associate Professor and Head of the Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit of the Graduate School of Development at the University of Central Asia. She is a specialist of Central Asian music, oral traditions, Islam and nomadic cultures and co-author of The Music of Central Asia (Indiana University Press 2016). In her talk, she will discuss the value of Kyrgyz oral traditions and cultural practices rooted in nomadic life and the key factors impacting their role and context in contemporary Kyrgyz society. She will focus on the development of two genres of oral tradition, the singing of funeral laments (koshok) by women and the verbal art of improvising oral poets (akyns).

Dr. Ali Mozaffari
Dr. Ali Mozaffari is an Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellow at Deakin University. He is author of Forming National Identity in Iran: The Idea of Homeland Derived from Ancient Persian and Islamic Imaginations of Place (I.B. Tauris 2014) and co-editor of Heritage Movements in Asia: Cultural Heritage Activism, Politics, and Identity (Berghahn 2020), amongst others. In this seminar he will use illustrative examples to discuss the relationship between development, design and heritage, which is elucidated in his latest co-authored book,  Development Architecture and the Formation of Heritage in Late Twentieth Century Iran (Manchester University Press, in press October 2020).

Date and Time

Wednesday 23 September 2020, 12noon - 1PM (Amsterdam time, UTC+2)


The seminar is open to all who are interested. Please register here. The link to the seminar will be sent by email to registered participants a few hours before the start of the seminar.

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