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Research seminar

Exploring the landscape of research on research

Friday 10 July 2020


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The Research on Research Institute (RoRI), founded by CWTS together with University of Sheffield, Wellcome Trust, and Digital Science, uses the term ‘research on research’ to refer to a broad range of fields and communities that are concerned with science studies research, including science and technology studies, scientometrics, history and philosophy of science, science of science, and meta-research. In this talk, we use scientometric techniques, combined with document analysis and our expert knowledge, to present an overview of the landscape of research on research. We discuss the different fields or communities that contribute to research on research, we analyze the scholarly literature on important research on research topics, and we explore the connections between research on research and research policy. The scattered nature of research on research calls for a more integrated approach to the study of the research system. Developing such an approach is an important aim of RoRI.


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