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Online Career Week 8-12 June

Monday 8 June 2020 - Friday 12 June 2020

The Leiden University Career Services advise students and recent graduates on the transition from study to first job and offer guidance on study choice and career questions in the bachelor and master.  We want to continue doing this in these unpredictable times and that is why we want to invite you to our Online Career Week from 8 to 12 June.


When you apply for an internship or a job, most likely you will have to send in your CV. What should be included in your CV, what are do’s and don’ts? When asking for advice or via google many you will find many contradicting advice. During this workshop you will learn about writing a cv and will these contradictions be discussed so you will be able to write a CV that reflects your personal profile best.  

The workshop is given by career advisor Atse Fokkens, who has a background in recruitment. 

The world is changing. As technology continues to change the workforces, people will need to work flexibly and learn quickly – acquiring new skills, dropping old ones and continually updating their skillset to stay relevant. If you want to remain employable and even jump to the head of the pack, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you can adapt and showcase skills that are, perhaps, not so easy to certify. How do you do that? 
In this webinar Paul Clastre will share his insights on how he visualizes the future of CVs and Emma Stoks will share how can you learn to recognise and showcase your skills in a different way.

Meet the trainers
Paul Clastre is a social entrepreneur solving for employability & skills-matching for the Future of Work in the African context: making the creation of a CV/identity and the online interaction as a professional an engaging, scalable, effective, and socially-cool experience (as one would feel when using other entertainment-driven platforms such as Instagram or Facebook)

Emma Stoks is an entrepreneur fascinated by learning. All her work focuses on how people and organisations can learn better, smarter and with more fun. After high school, she chose life over college. Since that decision, she has designed her own learning path as an entrepreneur. She is fascinated by learning and how we organise the process of learning in our society.

This webinar is organised by PLNT leiden.

Are you looking for extra ways to broaden your CV? Did you know that even during this challenging public health crisis, there are still ways you can engage in volunteering activities while maintaining social distancing rules and protecting your safety? This presentation will help you better understand the value of volunteering in the age of COVID-19 for building relationships and career opportunities, as well as for gaining this valuable “work experience” all employers are looking for in new graduates. 

During this presentation you will discover: 
· volunteer opportunities available during the corona crisis; 
· how to leverage volunteering for career success; 
· hidden career opportunities; 
· strategies to adopt when considering at which organisation to volunteer; 
· ways to build confidence and help the community; 

Tetyana Benzeroual, BSc (Hons) Psychology, PGCert Event Management, has lived in The Hague for five years. She started her career path in The Netherlands as a volunteer and later was hired as a project manager of Volunteer The Hague, a project that connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations. Tetyana is a true citizen of the world who lived, studied and worked across North America and Europe. 

Werk zoeken nu we allemaal thuis zitten is net even anders dan voorheen. Hoe pak je het aan? Vind jij je eerste baan via je netwerk of op een vacaturesite? Leer in deze online workshop slimme zoekstrategieën voor het snel vinden van je eerste baan!

Door Loes Nordlohne, Loopbaanadviseur Career Service Geesteswetenschappen

Olena Sorkina, alumni of the Public Administration programme of Leiden University will shed her light on job applications from the employer’s perspective being a corporate recruiter at Vattenfal. Besides being a recruiter, she is also an international alumnus and therefore able to share her experience with, research on and tips and tricks about orienting and finding work in the Netherlands. Olena will share her knowledge with also room to ask questions.

During this webinar, Lidy will tell you how about the adventure of finishing her thesis and moving to Africa for her dream job in the span of a few weeks. She’ll tell you what it’s like to work at a diplomatic representation in a foreign country, what skills and knowledge it requires, and how her educational background and other experiences have helped her – both in getting the job as well as practicing it now. 

Lidy (26) started her higher education with a Bachelor’s in European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. During a semester abroad in Turkey, she discovered her passion for Turkey and the region to its broader south, the MENA. Upon return to the Netherlands, she started a second Bachelor’s program at Leiden University (Faculty of Humanities): Modern Middle East Studies. She concluded her education last year by graduating from the Master’s program Crisis and Security Management (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Leiden University).

If you’re not sure what you want to do after your studies, or if you’re thinking about what steps to take to land your dream job, Lidy’s story may help you discover what (or what not!) to do. 

Ben je altijd al benieuwd geweest naar wat er in die hoge toren van het ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid gebeurt? Meld je dan aan voor dé virtuele kennismaking op vrijdag 12 juni om 11.00 waarin je meer te weten komt over het werken bij JenV!

Tijdens dit online evenement zullen we je meenemen in de politiek-bestuurlijke uitdagingen waar wij dagelijks mee te maken hebben. Recht raakt mensen en dat is mooi en ingewikkeld tegelijk. Zo beslissen we over de vraag of migranten recht hebben op verblijf in Nederland en is het belangrijk dat criminaliteit wordt aangepakt om recht te doen aan slachtoffers en de samenleving te beschermen. Maar in hoeverre behoren de landelijke invoering van de alcoholenkelband of een break-up van twee BN’ers eigenlijk bij JenV? Ontdek de antwoorden op deze vragen tijdens onze online sessie!

Ook begrijpen wij als geen ander dat deze tijd voor de nodige onzekerheden zorgt onder studenten. Heb jij vragen over hoe je je het beste kunt voorbereiden op de arbeidsmarkt? Stel ze gerust! En hopelijk zien we je live op vrijdag 12 juni!

Are you interested in doing an internship in either the public, private or NGO-sector? Join us on 12 June in our Q&A with Interns via Kaltura during the Online Career Week! You will be able to ask all your questions concerning: the application process, the intern organisations, working from home in the current circumstances and general information about the internship! Multiple interns –studying at Leiden University - will be present. 

These interns –studying at Leiden University - will be present. The names and organisations of the interns will be announced soon:

  • Alina Karlsen - Intern at the External Relations and State Cooperation Unit van de International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • Alexis Chalon - Intern at Oxfam Novib
  • Alison Hurley, Research intern at Huygens ING

Are you a student of the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Social and Behavioural Sciences or Humanities? And would you like a professional to look at your CV or LinkedIn profile?

Register for Online Career Time during the Online Career Week and let's discuss your future plans and help you get there!
Please register for a 15 minute session to meet a career advisor online. Submit your CV in pdf or add a url to your LinkedIn page.

After registration you will be informed on how you will be reached.

Watch recorded webinars

Most webinars during the Online Career Week of 11 to 15 May and 8-12 June have been recorded. Watch them here:

Recorded webinars 8-12 June:

Recorded webinars 11-15 May:

* Due to privacy concerns, not all webinars of the Online Career Weeks were recorded.

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