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The Corona Lecture

Monday 18 May 2020
Online. Lecture will be in Dutch.

The corona crisis is a unique health crisis as well as economic crisis; in its size and origin. ‘We only know such thing from the war times’, often say commentators. But what does that mean?

Do you really want to understand how the corona crisis impacts the economy? How are Dutch and foreign economies petered out by the virus and the corresponding government measures?

What actions would governments and central banks have to take globally to bring their economies back to order? How unknown is this new monetary and budgetary policy?

It is all one big economic experiment. Wat are the short-term effects of it and, possibly more importantly, what could the effects be in the long-term?

Watch The Corona Lecture via this link, taking place at 19:30 on 18 May. This free 45-minute lecture is accessible for a wide audience, also non-economists. This interactive lecture is given by assistant professor Wimar Bolhuis, where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions.

Watch the Corona lecture via this link

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