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Lecture | Journalism Studies Seminars

Journalism in the spaces between: Studying interlopers from an audience perspective

Wednesday 27 May 2020 - Wednesday 10 June 2020
Journalism Studies Seminars
Online lecture | materials available between 27 May - 16 June


In this presentation I argue that by focusing on the ways audiences react to content produced by interlopers (Eldridge, 2018) we can better understand the way journalistic outsiders are challenging the nature of the field.

Presenting findings from a recent study - ‘Interrogating Antagonists’ –  I reexamine how we make sense of interloper media by trying to understand their work within the journalist/audience relationship. By utilising WhatsApp for interactive audience news diaries, this study focused on the knowledge work of journalistic outsiders, and the spaces where audiences encounter such work (i.e. on their sites, and in their content). Its findings offer indications that interlopers' contrarian nature is incorporated into the ways audience members negotiate the news on these sites, sometimes appreciating the brutal honesty of acerbic interlopers’ voices, while at other times seeing their antagonism as deceptive.  From this research, I argue there are limits to the way outsiders can push back the boundaries of the field, and by incorporating audience research we can better understand those who challenge, and at times expand, our understanding of news and journalism by drawing in the perspectives of those who consume it.

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