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Hour of Remembrance: online lecture and memorial

Monday 4 May 2020
The Hour of Remembrance will be online on the University YouTube channel
The lecture will be broadcast from the Academy Building

Follow the Hour of Remembrance on YouTube and remember the Second World War and the victims from the University community. 

In this hour, we will be remembering the Second World War and the victims from within and outside the University community. Ethan Mark, who specialises in modern Japanese history, will give an online lecture on how the colonial history of the Netherlands influenced its perspective on the Second World War. He will tell the story of Anton de Kom, a Surinamese resistance fighter who died in a satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp in 1944. He will also discuss Nazi sympathiser Johan Bastiaan van Heutsz and how the Second World War is remembered in Japan and Indonesia. The lecture will be introduced by Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker. 

Taptoe bugle call 
After the lecture trumpet player Isaac Blangé will play the taptoe bugle call at 19:58 from an open shutter in the Academy Building. This will be followed by two minutes of silence, after which Wilhelmus, the Dutch national anthem, will sound from a loudspeaker. Beadle Erick van Zuylen is calling on the residents of Pieterswijk and Rapenburg to open their windows and doors and join in with the national anthem.

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