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Arts and culture

FGGA Art- and Culture Week

Monday 25 May 2020 - Friday 29 May 2020
From within your own home

This week, 5 - 29 May, we will be paying attention to art and culture. The cultural sector is not having an easy time at the moment. The Netherlands is rich in the best companies and museums. There are many wonderful online initiatives; performances, concerts, exhibitions, painting lessons, ballet lessons ... and more. We would like to share this with you.

We bring you an overview of what to do every day. We are also organising something special with local professional artists, especially for our staff and students, more about that soon! You will find the information on social media, but also on the site. 

A different theme every day

The cultural offer in the Netherlands is so large and diverse that we choose a number of items to share every day here on the site. On Instagram is the interactive part with quizes, facts etc. We supplement it every day. So keep a close eye on this event page for the range of your favorite discipline.

Monday 25 May is the theme Visual Arts. In addition to a beautiful cultural offer, tutorials from the Rijksmuseum, Live DJ's from Naturalis, and art for children, we also share the story of ACPA student Katrine Zwartjes in which she also gives her tips for beautiful exhibitions.

Tuesday 26 May the theme is Film. Which films were best viewed since the opening of the Dutch cinema? Watch Art-house films from the Filmhuis and documentaries from IDFA online and tips from ACPA student Michelle Snoeks.

Wednesday27 May the theme is Theatre. You can listen and watch the Keine Remedie, podcasts with artists who should have been in theater de Kleine Comedie. The operas of the National Opera can be seen and tonight there is a live stream from the Leidse Schouwburg.

Thursday 28 May the theme is Music. Music has so much variety! It is impossible to show it all. We now choose two extremes that The Hague is known for, pop and the talents of the Royal Conservatoire. The Hague is known as the pop city of the Netherlands. Successful bands have been coming from here since the 1960s. The best known of this time is without a doubt Di-rect. On June 6, the band will perform a streaming concert in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. We also organised a concert ourselves in Wijnhaven. Played and recorded especially for you. Also two ACPA students also give tips on music.

Friday 29 May is the theme Dance. Today we share initiatives throughout the Netherlands that keep this theme alive despite the limited current situation for the dance sector. Take, for example, the successful performance Pearl by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, or try it yourself and take lessons from the Dutch National Ballet's top dancers. We also share Jan Kooijman's series in which he discusses the current situation and its implications for this specific sector with colleagues from the dance sector.

Kunstmuseum The Hague

With 160,000 works of art, the Kunstmuseum is one of Europe’s biggest art museums. It has a leading collection of modern and contemporary art, fashion and decorative arts. It is also the international home of Piet Mondrian, with no fewer than 300 works by the famous Dutch artist in its collection. 

You can view a number of works from the collection via the Google Arts & Culture platform.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag will be open to the public again from Monday 1 June.

The Kunstmuseum


Rijkscreative is an initiative of the Rijksmuseum.

How do you make a romantic painting, a still life or a painting by Vermeer? Watch and learn with the Rijksmuseum tutorials. 


Naturalis Leiden

Naturalis is the national research institute in the field of biodiversity. In the Museum, young and old immerse themselves in the wonderful world called nature. The museum will open again in early July. Until then, you can visit it virtually.

On Saturday evening, 30 May, pop stage Gebr de Nobel and natural history museum Naturalis will broadcast a live stream from the museum. Live sets of various DJs from Naturalis for four hours. The event can be seen on facebook.

Mauritshuis for children

Various fun activities for children that you can do together, but that children can also do alone if you do something else. Also fun to do yourself. You will find coloring pages, how to draw a self-portrait, an exhibition and more ..

virtual gallery

Imagined, for uncertain times is a virtual gallery, completely conceived and designed by eleven design studios from nine different countries. To be seen until June 8.

ACPA student: Katrine Zwartjes

During this week we share stories and tips from Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) students. ACPA offers education in the arts for Leiden University students, and provides academic electives for students of the University of the Arts The Hague. Katrine shares tips on Virtual Art: 

Katrine Zwartjes is doing a MA International Relations, and I have finished a BA International Studies and MSc Crisis and Security Management. 

'Since an early age, I have been painting and drawing. I even considered going to the Royal Academy of Art. When I started university, I stopped painting and drawing, lack of space and lack of inspiration. When I found out that I could follow a course at the Art academy, despite being a university student, I jumped at the change. It is a unique opportunity, only Leiden University offers.'

Tips for our staff and students?
'Everyone should check out the digital exhibition of the Practicum Artium students (from June 11, 2020). Personally, I am looking forwards to the exhibition ‘Breitner vs. Isreals’ in the Kunstmuseum The Hague; I am also looking forwards to ‘Neko. Cats in Japanese Art’ in the Siebolthuis, Leiden. visiting museums now is difficult. Many museums offer various things online. From the comfort of your own house I recommend the magazine ‘See all this’ and their newsletter. In addition, the app ‘DailyArt’ puts one work of art in the limelight every day, which give you an opportunity to get to know a new artist or new work, this gives me inspiration.' 

Katrine Zwartjes

Best visited in Dutch cinemas

The cinemas may open again from 1 June. Of course with the most beautiful films, but also with adapted line-up and 1.5 meters distance as a starting point. Presale has already started at most cinemas. 

The very first cinema in the Netherlands opened on September 7, 1907. Since then, we have seen one pearl after another and one failure after another. But which films managed to attract the most visitors? We figured it out for you.

10. Fanfare (1958) 
The younger generation may never have heard of this film: Fanfare was released in 1958, but with more than 2.6 million visitors it is really, after the number four in this list, the most successful Dutch film of all time. The film revolves around (how could it be otherwise?) A Fanfare, who wants to participate in a competition. During the preparation, however, an argument breaks out between two musicians. As a result, the association is divided into two camps, both of which aim to win.

9. West Side Story (1962) 
A few years later, the musical film West Side Story (1962) first saw the light of day. This film is still seen by many as 'the best musical ever' and it is therefore not surprising that 2.7 million people initially saw the film. The comparison with Romeo and Juliet does not come out of the blue in this story. Tony and Maria, who live in New York, are in the middle of an uproar. Tony belongs to the Jets and Maria's brother to the Sharks. Can their love overcome if the situation worsens? If you can't get enough of this story, you're in luck: the recordings of the remake are over and it is planned that the film will be released in late 2020 (if that continues because of the corona virus).

8. Dr. Zhivago (1966)
We take another leap in time, this time to 1966: that year Dr. Zhivago, the film adaptation of the book by Boris Pasternak banned in the Soviet Union. And that release did not do the makers any harm: the film won no less than 5 Oscars and attracted just over 2.7 million people to the cinema. The other awards went to the film that is number one in this list, but more about that later ... DR. Zhivago centers on Yuri Zhivago and Tonya Gromeko, who meet at a young age. They get married and it seems to be fine, all right until Yuri gets to know the beautiful Lara during the First World War. They fall head over heels in love, but their affair is brutally disrupted by the Russian Revolution

7. The Guns of Navarone (1961)
 Number seven with almost 3 million visitors is the 1961 film The Guns of Navarone. This British-American film takes the viewer back to the Second World War, in which six soldiers are ordered to carry the enormous German cannons on Greek island of Navarone. But it is not that easy: the cannons are built in an impregnable rock and control a strategic strait in the Aegean Sea.

6. The Lion King (2019) 
The story of The Lion King has been cast in various forms, but it is the 2019 film that has reached the Top 10 as a formidable outsider. Funny detail: the 1995 film was in place ten (with almost 2.6 million visitors), but it was picked out by the remake (with more than 3 million visitors). In the Netherlands, this was also the most successful film of 2019 (and that while Avengers: Endgame was the most successful film worldwide). In our little country we just love Simba and Nala. Although the artists of the original film think the remake is ugly.

5.Gone with the Wind (1939) 
Most people reading this article were not even born when Gone with the Wind came out in 1939. But we wouldn't be surprised if you've ever seen this classic. The story takes the viewer back to 1861, when 16-year-old Scarlett declares her love to Ashley, who is engaged to Melanie herself. Therefore he cannot answer her love. Shortly afterwards, Ashley and Melanie marry, while Scarlett marries Melanie's brother Charles. But does their love last when Charles leaves for the front?

4. Turkish delight (1972) 
The late Rutger Hauer and Monique van de Ven starred in the most successful Dutch film ever: Turkish Delight by director Paul Verhoeven with no less than 3.3 million cinema visitors. The young sculptor Erik leads a turbulent love life until he meets his great love Olga. The two do not care about any comments on their marriage and experience the summer of their lives. Until Olga retreats and suddenly starts acting weird. Erik does everything he can to get her back, but encounters her shady friend. But then Olga ends up in the hospital .....

3.Titanic (1998) 
The movie Titanic may have yielded less than Avengers: Endgame, but the latter film is not in our list and Titanic is indeed. With 3.4 million visitors in the Netherlands, the film has even reached the Top 3 spot. And do we still have to explain what this film is about? We just say: Kate Winslet, Leonardo diCaprio, a sinking ship, a floating raft (which was easy for two people), a lot of deaths and don't forget 'MY HEART WILL GO ON'.

2. Irma la Douce (1963) 
In second place is the 1963 romcom entitled Irma la Douce starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. Jack plays Nestor, a former police officer who falls in love with a prostitute. He just can't bear her sharing the bed with several men and therefore devises a brilliant plan to keep her to herself. More than 3.6 million cinema visitors in the Netherlands immediately saw whether that plan was successful.

1.The Sound of Music (1965)
With almost 4 million visitors at the time, the film The Sound of Music is definitely number one in this list of best-visited films. We suspect that almost everyone has seen this film about the Von Trapp family who want to flee Austria during the war (and if not: do it again!). In 1966 this film won no less than 5 Oscars: for best director, best editing, best film music, best film and best sound. We wonder how long it will take before this film is thrown off his throne in the Netherlands.

film poster The Sound of Music

Art-house films: Filmhuis The Hague

De Filmhuis in The Hague will also open again from 1 June. There are some beautiful films on the program. Would you rather stay at home? With Picl you watch arthouse films that are currently running in the cinema, at your home. Just on your TV, tablet or phone. At a time that suits you.

Filmhuis The Hague


International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) offers an independent and inspiring place where you can go for a diverse range of high-quality documentaries. 

Nearly 800 IDFA films and projects are available to view in our online collection.

ACPA Student Michelle Snoeks

'I am doing the master Applied Cognitive Psychology. It is a master in which you can be very creative and at the same time apply your knowledge about psychology. In addition to studying, I draw a lot in my spare time. The inspiration for this I mainly get from books, films, series and music. I have been drawing fanatically since I was 12 years old. This started with traditional portrait drawing. Now I really only draw digitally, in my own style that is not really realistic anymore. I like this because I can be very creative and visualize the ideas I have in my head. I share this on my instagram @artbyeshia.'

Tips for our staff and students?
I am currently watching all studio Ghibli movies. I can especially recommend Howl's Moving Castle. Studio Ghibli's films often have a deeper, underlying meaning, and I think it's great to think about what that deeper layer can be after watching. In addition, it is very nicely drawn and there is always beautiful music

Michelle Snoeks

De Kleine Remedie

A new podcast in collaboration with Het Parool: De Kleine Remedie.

In the five-part podcast series De Kleine Remedie, Peter Heerschop, Paul de Munnik and Malou Holshuijsen call from an empty theater, de Kleine Comedie, with artists who should have been on stage. Finally music, jokes and laughter from Comedy again. 

Theo Maassen, Claudia de Breij, Peter Pannekoek, Soundos el Ahmadi, Stef Bos, Roel van Velzen, Diggy Dex, Kiki Schippers, Viggo Waas and Tim Fransen, among others, are doing their best to answer the impossible question: what next? ?

There is also music and columns are read on the balcony of the Comedy by renowned Parool columnists. With Femke van der Laan, Theodor Holman and Roos Schlikker and master storyteller Viggo Waas. (in Dutch) 

The Dutch National Opera

Watch the operas from The Dutch National Opera! With no less than 10 free streams, including all parts of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. In addition, the Operavision features the operas Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk and The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitesh. Unforgettable highlights from the history of Dutch National Opera! The operas can be seen on the site of the Dutch Opera for a few more weeks.

Virtual tour from the Leidse Schouwburg

Creaters continue to create, theaters continue to connect. Culture is brought even in extreme circumstances. On Wednesday 27 May at 9 pm, the Leidse Schouwburg will present a historical, virtual tour supplemented with dance, poetry and philosophy. Will you watch?

Watch: exclusive concert in Wijnhaven by Catherine Mooreland

On Tuesday 26 May, we recorded a concert, especially for you, in the Wijnhaven location.
Watch the concert here:

Catherine Mooreland is a full-time harpist, frequently accompanies herself with voice and also performs as a pianist. 
Ever since she decided to seriously pursue a career in music at the age of thirteen, Catherine has wanted to break out of the norm set by those who went before her. Once, during an interview she gave to a local Dutch paper, she said that her aspirations were ‘to break down the image of the classical harpist, to go beyond the current limitations of the instrument and to inspire other people to do the same within their respective career paths’, and this has remained her motivation ever since. Having studied at the School for Young Talent at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for five years, the possibilities to expand into different genres were few, so she took a path most classically trained musicians would have frowned upon: she started busking. This, although being in stark contrast to the classical performances she used to give for e.g. national television and members of the Royal Family, has broadened her perspective on what it means to be an artist: to her, it’s all about connecting people. 

Some of the most touching moments she’s experienced include a twelve year old girl who sat down on a cold, dreary day in January, and listened to her for over an hour. People who don’t carry cash come along with a sandwich, and shopkeepers come out and bring hot coffee and tea. One homeless man even stood mesmerised by her appearance and gave the most he could: his only extra shawl. 

Despite all the obstacles placed before her, Catherine is determined to break through the social stigmas and keep entertaining and inspiring people through sharing her music and fighting for the rights of buskers, one street at a time.

Catherine Mooreland by Arash Nikkhah

DI-RECT concert 6 June

DI-RECT misses being on on stage. That is why the band from The Hague will play an exclusive concert in the Koninklijke Schouwburg on Saturday 6 June! You can follow the concert at home via a live stream. It is pay what you like, so you decide what you pay for your ticket.

"We started playing this band twenty years ago," said guitarist Spike. "When we go on stage, it matters. As a group, we think that is the most beautiful thing there is: on that stage, playing together." Fortunately, the DI-RECT men can do that again on 6 June in the Koninklijke Schouwburg.

More information and tickets (in Dutch)

ACPA student: Aafko Boonstra

During this week we share stories and tips from Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) students. ACPA offers education in the arts for Leiden University students, and provides academic electives for students of the University of the Arts The Hague.

Aafko Boonstra studies Mathematics (Leiden University) and Orchestral Conducting (Royal Conservatory The Hague)

Contrary to what people often think, the study (Mathematics) is not always that much about numbers and complicated (and boring) calculations (we never actually use a calculator), it is much more about all kinds of structures and how to write down evidence well.

Mathematics challenges you to think creatively (and also accurately) about many types of problems, for example how to run trains in a handy way or why there are endless prime numbers.
This is what I also enjoy conducting: you try to imagine the music as well as possible and for that you have to think about a lot of different things and find solutions just like with mathematics.
Then you are completely free in the rehearsal to convey your ideas to the musicians in your own way, and giving a concert is perhaps the best thing there is!

Through Practicum Musicae (a special program to do both studies) it was good to combine for years, but now I do it alternately. The past two years I have been mainly involved in music, but now that the music world has come to a halt, this may be a good time to get back to work on mathematics.

Tips for our students and employees?
There is now little to see and hear, but of course you can listen a lot online. My personal favorites are the composers Bach, Beethoven and Schumann, so I would definitely listen to them on Spotify for example. And if you get the chance to go to a concert again, it doesn't really matter.
If you have little experience with classical music, it is often useful to choose something that you already know a little: that you have often listened to a recording or that you already know a story (for example at an opera) well.
I also give concerts with the Practicum Musicae Orkest (usually in Leiden or The Hague), but of course that has also stopped now ...

Aafko Boonstra

ACPA student: Eline Fung Fen Chung

During this week we share stories and tips from Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) students. ACPA offers education in the arts for Leiden University students, and provides academic electives for students of the University of the Arts The Hague.

Eline Fung Fen Chung studies Medicine and is an alumnus of Practicum Musicae Recorder.

I was sure that I wanted to become a doctor. I knew that I wanted to continue playing the recorder at a high level. In Leiden I found the perfect combination in Practicum Musicae: studying full-time at the university and taking a minor at the Royal Conservatory. This allowed me to follow both my academic and musical ambitions, ideal!

I loved the combination: when I study Medicine I use my brain, but when I play recorder I use my feeling. I have always experienced the cooperation between the university and the conservatory as flexible. It is a tough program, but I enjoyed every moment.

Tips for our students and employees?
Do you want to get acquainted with classical music in an accessible way? Then get an Entrée subscription at Het Concertgebouw! This way you can go to concerts in one of the most beautiful halls in the world, with top musicians, for little money. While you're in Amsterdam, go to the basement of the Stedelijk Museum to see the most beautiful modern art and then take a look at Boekhandel Premsala, a candy store for book lovers! The Hague Art Museum should of course not be left unmentioned: the temporary collections contain special masterpieces there. I never get bored there!

Eline Fung Fen Chung

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam: Pearl

Top dance, beautiful costumes and compelling music by Vivaldi and others. The baroque spectacle Pearl is one of the most successful performances by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and has already attracted more than 50,000 visitors.

Pearl breathes the rich, theatrical atmosphere of the baroque and is made with the speed and dynamism of today. Sensuality, splendour, but also decadence and intrigue come to life in Ed Wubbe's dazzling choreography. As grand and theatrical as Pearl is staged, so human is the drama. Pearl is about beauty and inescapable decay and has all the ingredients of a classic drama with which it will once again steal many hearts.

Pearl can be seen on the facebook page of the Ballet until 31 May.

More background information about the performance? None other than choreographer Ed Wubbe gives an introduction about the performance. (Dutch)

Online balletlessons by dance school Zhembrovskyy West

Have you always wanted to take ballet lessons? Alexander Zhembrovsky, former soloist with the Dutch National Ballet, opened his ballet school in Amsterdam a few years ago. Due to the current situation, he decided to give his lessons online, with the best dancers from the best company in the Netherlands as teachers.

A perfect way to start if you want to get fitter, says Zhembrovsky himself. By dancing you feel freer, your body learns to move in a different way. This is reflected in your daily life.

On the website you can read more about group lessons and private lessons.

On the youtube account of the ballet school there are also plenty of workouts and tutorials you can try out first.

1,5 meter dance Jan Kooijman

Jan Kooijman, actor and former dancer, keeps breaking his head about how you can create art if you are not allowed to touch each other. He discusses this subject with various people from the dance sector in his series '1.5 meter dance'. The series can be followed via Instagram TV, which can be found on Jan Kooijman's account (@jankooijmagram). Examples of guests in the series are Igone de Jongh, Ed Wubbe, Floris Bosveld, Margot Weeda and Lucia Marthas.

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