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Online Well-being Week 2020

Tuesday 28 April 2020 - Friday 1 May 2020
From within your own home


From 28 April to 1 May, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs organises its third Well-being Week. During this annual week, we want to create awareness among students and employees about the well-being of yourself and each other. In strange times like these, the topic of your well-being, and the well-being of people surrounding you, is more important than ever. Due to the measures taken as a consequence of the COVID-19 virus, the well-being week will take place on our online platforms; our website, Instagram, and Facebook. We hope to support you in these difficult times by giving you tips on certain themes during our well-being week.

The overarching theme of the third well-being week is self-reflection. While covering different topics regarding your well-being, we end every day by reflecting on ourselves.

Check out the programme below!

The Programme

28 April - Take It Easy Tuesday
The first day of the well-being week will focus on your mental health. Especially, in these weird times where suddenly everybody stays home the entire day, it is important to know that it is okay to not be productive all the time. The same goes for the feeling of pressure you might have with regards to trying all sorts of new hobbies since it feels like everybody is doing so. On the first day, we will focus on these branches of your mental health. Also, we will share some book tips with you! These books are all about improving your mental health while also good for entertainment.

In the evening we will livestream a lecture matching the theme of the day. The livestream is provided to you by wakker bij bakker an organization focused on coaching students. The livestream will discuss the topics of, amongst other; worrying too much and procrastinating. The livestream can only be viewed by a maximum of 25 people; therefore, we ask you to sign up here.

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29 April - Work It Wednesday
Even though you do not always have to be productive, as we will cover on the first day of the well-being week, sometimes you do need a level of productivity to finish tasks. On the second day of the well-being week, we will give you some tips on how to be as productive as you can be for you to work on that task list!

On Work It Wednesday wakker bij bakker also provides an online lecture matching the theme of the day. The presentation will revolve around, amongst other; techniques for how to study effectively, how to concentrate and how to combine the student life with the ‘study life’. This livestream too, can only be viewed by a maximum of 25 people; therefore, we ask you to sign up here.

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30 April - Thoughtfull Thursday
As the punch line already reveals; Thursday will be all about being thoughtful. And with being thoughtful we mean we want to focus on mindfulness. With the help of a few apps, about which we will tip you on Thursday, we hope to improve your level of mindfulness! We will also share a mindfulness session on IGTV brought to you by USC Leiden.

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1 May - Feel Good Friday
For the last day of the well-being week, we’ll end on a positive note and spread some positivity. What makes you happy? And how do you stay happy? Besides that, we will share some tips for you to start of the weekend off right and most importantly; for you to start off the weekend feeling good!

On Friday we also have an Instagram live at 14:00 pm. In this livestream we follow the conversation between one of our students and Dr. David Zetland, a university lecturer at Leiden University College. Topics that will be covered in the livestream regard the current situation with regards to the corona virus, how zetland stays in touch with his friend and family and his own wellbeing and self-reflection.

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