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Thoughtful Thursday | Online Well-being Week

Thursday 30 April 2020
From within your own home

As the punch line already reveals; Thursday will be all about being thoughtful. And with being thoughtful we mean we want to focus on mindfulness. With the help of a few apps, about which we will tip you on Thursday, we hope to improve your level of mindfulness! We will also share a mindfulness session on IGTV brought to you by USC Leiden.

Live Mindfullnes Session
One way to become relax and to stop fears and worrying thoughts is with a body scan meditation. By drawing more attention to your body and your thoughts, you are more in the moment. This gives you more control over your stress responses. You focus on your physical sensations and because of this you think less and your body is usually more relaxed.
This method is applied in the mindfulness philosophy. Through mindfulness you are more attentive in life and you are less likely to judge others.
The session is offered via Kaltura liveroom and starts at 20:00. Session is in Dutch

Keep an eye on our social media channels (see right side of this page) and view this page for a recap at the end of the day.

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