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LUCDH Lunchtime Speaker Series 2020 (6) ONLINE!

Wednesday 15 April 2020
This talk will be available Online live with Dr. Katy Webb
ONLINE - Register by emailing: lucdh@hum. leidenuniv.nl
Assoc. Prof. Katy Kavanagh Webb, Joyner Library, E. Carolina Univ.

Data, Video, Coding, Digital Humanities: Libraries are Spaces to Create

Update April 6:
Our lunchtime lecture from Dr. Katy Webb will now be Online. Please email lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl  to let us know you would like to take part so that we can forward you the Kaltura Live Link. You will need this to login.

As the purveyors of literacy on campus, the library may be a central location where students will come for help with multimodal assignments; similarly, faculty members may turn to the library to assist with digital humanities or projects using data. Libraries are coming up with innovative ways to engage patrons in this dialog and teach technology skills to their users. Some are creating creative spaces, such as data visualization labs, digital humanities labs, makerspaces, media labs, and knowledge markets. Others are hiring a librarian or technical staff to consult with users.

This talk will be an overview of some of these innovative spaces with a focus on Digital Humanities Labs, as well as an introduction of services generally offered by libraries that build media and data literacy.

The presenter will draw on the case studies from her research and a book on the topic entitled, Development of Creative Spaces in Academic Libraries: A Decisionmaker’s Guide, published in 2018. This book is available to read from the University of Leiden Library.


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