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Qing Things Talking With and Against Text

Wednesday 9 December 2020
on Microsoft Teams

All from their own particular field of expertise, historians, archeologists, art historians, and philologists are scrutinizing different pieces of the three centuries of Manchu rule. Knitting all these different sorts of evidence together would result in a more complete understanding of the past. Cross pollination between fields is, however, still not the rule. This talk will first explore examples of material objects that challenge a more accepted, textual status quo. Objects such as bells and coins force us to rethink Khan Nurhaci’s rise to power; things such as a saddle or sword make us rethink the globality of trade with, and the influence on, the Manchu court. Secondly, this talk also wants to discuss the fact that, while we trust in peer-reviewed, curated on- and offline libraries and museums, we seem aloof from adding the outside world of things within our academic collection of metadated knowledge. This talk is part of the research that is carried out within the Faculty of Humanities’ project Things That Talk that gathers students, scholars, teachers, heritage institutes, libraries, collectors etc. around objects. 

Fresco Sam-Sin is a lecturer of Manchu language and Manjuristics at Leiden University, founder and project owner of Manchu studies platforms Manc.hu, Buleku.org and QingMaps.org. Editor in chief of the crowdfunded literary journal DEBTELIN. Research associate at the Research Center for Material Culture, and a certified Scrum Product Owner. Active in sharing and creating innovative pedagogy design for the humanities. Currently setting up a faculty infrastructure to gather researchers, teachers and students around objects. Sam-Sin was educated at Leiden University and in Peking (BLCU, Minzu University), and holds an MA in Sinology (2008; Leiden). 

To attend the event, please kindly follow the information below:

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  2. Leiden employees/students can find the "China Seminar" in the Teams (go to "Teams" and search for "China Seminar"), enroll yourself. The event will appear in your "Calendar." 
  3. If you do not have a Leiden University email account, please use the following link to connect after 15:10 on 9 December. Click here to join the meeting.
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