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Lecture | This Time for Africa! Series

Prenominal a and nominal structure in three Gur languages of Burkina Faso

  • Georg Höhn (Göttingen University)
Friday 13 March 2020
This Time for Africa!
Van Wijkplaats
Van Wijkplaats 2
2311 BX Leiden


Based on new data from Dagara [glottocode nort2780] and Mooré [moss1236] and published data from Koromfé [koro1298] (Rennison 1997) this talk discusses variation in the higher nominal structure of three Gur languages. The starting point is the variable syntax of the prenominal a found in all three languages: In Dagara, it quite clearly works like a type of determiner, whereas in Koromfé and Mooré the actual determiners appear to be located postnominally, with the distribution of a much more restricted. The talk will offer a tentative discussion of the implications for the nominal structure of these Gur languages, provinding a window into the micro-/meso-variation of high DP structure in this language family.

Authors: Georg F.K. Höhn and Alain Hien

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