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Debate | A Participatory Discussion

Anti-Asian Racism: A Participatory Discussion of Anti-Asian Sentiment in the Context of Coronavirus - CANCELLED

Tuesday 17 March 2020
This event is cancelled.
Anna van Buerenplein
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG The Hague
Auditorium, LUC The Hague

Event Cancelled

This event is cancelled until further notice.


This event addresses the recent surge in anti-Chinese, but also wider anti-Asian racism in the Netherlands, related to the emergence of the Corona virus. What is the background of this seemingly unexpected anti-Chinese sentiment? Was is ever really gone from our society given that it flared up so easily? How does it relate to the history of Chinese people in the Netherlands and the current international relations between the Netherlands and China? Where to go from here?

After a brief introduction about current events and racism by Judi Mesman, the dean of LUC, several speakers will shed some light on these questions in this interactive event in which audience participation in the discussion is key. 

Submit your experiences, comments, and questions to the panel here.

About the speakers

  • Jing Hiah will speak about the history of Chinese people in the Netherlands in relation to current-day sentiments
  • Vincent Chang will speak about Netherlands-China international relations, and how that relates to the Dutch-Chinese population
  • Hui-Hui Pan will reflect on where to go from here, who can do what to address anti-Chinese / anti-Asian racism?
  • Jiye Seong-Yu will speak about her experiences and a human rights perspective

More information, submissions and event link

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