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Symposium OpenUP!

Thursday 27 February 2020
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

Feeling homesick? Deadline stress? Having an off-day? Overwhelmed by student life?

You are not alone, the majority of the students around you are experiencing the same struggles.

Being open about this can help break down any stigma surrounding it. This is the first step towards coming to terms with your feelings. Don't suffer in silence, come OpenUP! on Thursday 27 February at 15:00 in Wijnhaven.

This event has the objective to encourage you and your peers to open up and share your experience and talk about student wellbeing. While many other events aim to provide solutions, this event aims to encourage and facilitate you to take control of your mental wellbeing by breaking the silence, talking and listening to each other. Register here.


  • Opening: Hester Bijl, our vice rector magnificus
  • Key note: Bas Haring, science philosopher at Leiden University, will share his wisdom on the meaning of (student)life and the stress it can bring. 
  • Stress test & documentary: Sanne Kooiman, whose mission and vision is to help reduce psychological problems among the younger generation by encouraging them to support each other and speak up about mental health. During this event, we will be showcasing one of her documentaries.
  • Share your experience: interactive session in small groups with case studies, statements & discussion
  • Free soup and bread for everyone!

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The Study Advisers & Coordinators of Study of the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Science, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs at Campus The Hague hope to see you there! 

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