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Arts and culture | Concert Practicum Musicae

Concert Practicum Musicae

Thursday 27 February 2020
Free entrance
Pieterskerkstraat 1
2311 SV Leiden

On Thursday 27 February you can enjoy a concert by our Practicum Musicae students!

Nearly 70 multi-talented students are walking around in Leiden who, in addition to their academic studies, also follow a program at the Royal Conservatoire. Every last Thursday of the month there is a concert by these students in the Lokhorst Church. The concert starts at 5 pm and lasts one hour. These concerts are free and you do not have to make a reservation. The Leiden students study with renowned (inter)national teachers and can thus bring their musical talents to fruition. 

In cooperation with: Koninklijk Conservatorium


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26 maart 2020 17.00 - 18:00 Lokhorstkerk, Leiden Gratis
30 april 2020 17.00 - 18:00 Lokhorstkerk, Leiden Gratis

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